The Caribbean

The Caribbean


Photo of Bridgetown, Barbados. This is the largest town in Barbados and one of the busier areas you’ll find yourself in. 

Kodak Porta 400 35mm film

Walking through the streets of Bridgetown.

Kodak Porta 400 35mm Film

Walking the streets of Barbados you are bound to meet plenty of people. Ricky ( rum in his cup photo below ) stopped us to say hi. It was actually his birthday and the level of intoxication proved that. We got to meet all his friends and local Bajans of the area. Its rad to learn about what they do for work and hear some of there stories about living on Barbados. Happy Birthday Ricky!

Ilford Delta 400 35mm Film

This was our first time at Carlisle Bay, not knowing what was below us. Here is Jenna trying to blend in with the locals

Canon 5d iv 24-70mm 2.8 ii

Thanks to meeting Hanna and James (@hanna_freediver @deep.sea.james.) they showed us what Carlisle Bay was all about. There was a lot of history beneath the surface. This was there playground and a place very special to them both. It’s not to hard to figure out why they spend so much time down here. 

Canon 5d iv 24-70mm 2.8 ii w/ aquatech water housing

After meeting James he offered to show us around the island a bit. A stop for 1 beer turned into a prolonged beer run around the whole island. We met a few more people along the way.

Photo 3/4 kodak porta 400 35mm Film. Rest shot on 5d iv

Well, we continued our beer run/island tour…

Canon 5d iv. Final image Kodak Porta 400 35mm film

It was time for us to head out to our next destination, the Island of Martinique. 


After flying into Martinique we picked up a rental car and took it into Fort de France. The streets were absolutely packed to say the least. Driving was hard so we parked and walked around and finally found the espresso I needed. The architecture was really cool on martinique. It was cool to see the difference french culture mixed with the caribbean island life. 

Kodak Porta 400 35mm Film

We found a cool town called Saint Annes which is where we ended up spending most of our time. 

Canon 5d iv

After running around like crazy seeing as much as we could we needed a nice little break. We ended up enjoying a sunset and a few drinks with some new friends we made at a beach side restaurant. The owner joined as as well. The language barrier was tough not knowing any french but everyone enjoyed each others company like we had been friends for awhile. 

Canon 5d iv


Just a short visit to martinique, we were already off to our final destination of Grenada. I was pretty burnt out of going through airports and sitting on planes at this point. (just like this guy) 

Ilford Delta 400 35mm Film

Driving around Grenada you saw a lot. But one thing that really stood out was how much pride everyone had for their island and their people. They were proud to represent their country and made sure everyone knew of it. 

Image 1 Kodak Porta 400 / All others 5d iv

I couldn’t help but ask about this woman’s art. And what was one question turned into almost an hour long conversation about art, life and about not giving up on your gifts that god gives you. Her art was all positive messages about what was going on in the world and how things need to change for the better. Its really cool to see someone else interpretation of the world through art. 

Canon 5d iv

One of the most impressive collections of art i have ever seen and it is sitting at the bottom of the ocean of the coast of Grenada. The sculpture park was placed here by an artist in the early 2000s. The structures are designed to promote coral growth and its really cool to see that take effect. There is so much detail in these pieces i was quite blow away when swimming up close. 

Canon 5d iv w/ aquatech water housing

Grenada is known for their rum and we got to see exactly how and where it was made. Oh and of course we got to taste it too. 

Kodak porta 400 35mm Film

I am so thankful to be able to have the opportunity to visit all these islands with my friends Tj and Jenna. These type of trips are what fuel my passion for traveling and seeing the many different cultures around the world. Couldn’t help but include one of the many amazing caribbean sunsets. Until next time….